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Charleston Outdoor Adventures

   Connecting the Lowcountry to ecotourism, Charleston Outdoor Adventures gives folks a firsthand experience of the beauty and importance of the salt marsh -- in 2020 alone, they took over 25,000 people on the water. 


   From their vantage on Bowen’s Island, south of the Charleston Harbor, COA has a front-row view of the salt marsh. They’ve witnessed the direct impacts that overdevelopment, increased storm severity, and erosion have had on our coastline. As a business based in education, customer service and tourism, Charleston Outdoors Adventures considers it a top priority to maintain the salt marsh and surrounding ecosystems through cleanups, oyster habitat rebuilds, responsible boat handling, and education on the salt marsh ecosystem.


   As naturalists, interpreters and outdoor lovers, COA believes in respecting and valuing others and the planet -- and they recognize that a big part of that is taking climate action. 


Phone Number: 

  • (843) 795-0330

Social Media:

  • @charlestonoutdooradventures

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