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CHS CAP Funding

Charleston City Council passed the Charleston Climate Action Plan -- now our job is to make sure it's fully, effectively implemented. You can start by letting your Councilmember and the Mayor know that you want to see the Climate Action Plan be funded, and that the City needs more dedicated staff to make it happen.

If you're not sure who your Councilmember is, you can go to the City website and look at their map to find out -- and their emails can be found here, too.

Sample talking points:

"I'm excited to see the City show leadership on climate action, and I would like to see that prioritized in the next budget cycle by funding more dedicated staff."

"Increasing funding for Climate Action Plan implementation will make for a healthier, greener, more livable city -- as well as show leadership on a crisis that existentially threatens Charleston."

"I'm concerned that the City of Charleston doesn't have more dedicated Sustainability staff, and would like to see that corrected in the next budget cycle."

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