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As we push our local governments to pass a Climate Action Resolution, we'll get to educate them and our fellow citizens on how dangerous the climate crisis is -- and how achievable and beneficial its solutions will be. Through this campaign, we'll work with (or vigorously prod) our elected officials to implement local climate action like the solutions we're developing through our Charleston 2030 Project. 

Power does not yield without a fight. But a livable planet is worth fighting for. Sign up and join in, and we'll let you know the Declaration status of your municipality!

The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one -- and Charleston County is facing down a big problem. If we don't slow down runaway climate change, the Charleston area will be a climate casualty. We'll have to move away from the coast due to sea level rise and disastrous hurricanes. This is clear, established, scientific fact, but in many of our towns and cities, our politicians never mention climate change.

Any city can achieve the hugely ambitious goal of eliminating emissions in 10 years, and by doing so, inspire action and lead the way. But it's never going to happen if we don't look the climate crisis in the eyes. That's why we're campaigning for every town and city in Charleston County to pass a Climate Action Resolution.


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