Climate Action Hub: Buildings


Action Item: Support The Sustainability Institute in their weatherization and efficiency work

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Sustainability Institute's Weatherization program and energy upgrade service assist low-income households who are struggling with high energy costs. Retrofitting homes can increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption for residents. Individuals can take action by applying for an audit or supporting the institute's drive for equitability!

Action Item: Support Palmetto Community Action Partnership and their weatherization initiative

Palmetto CAP offers free weatherization that makes houses more energy-efficient, saving on utility costs and increasing the value of the home while improving the safety of occupants. Weatherized homes are more comfortable and can reduce energy costs by as much as 50%. You can take action by advocating, volunteering, and donating.

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Action Item: Contact your local councilmember to support the Weatherization and Retrofit Fund

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Advocating for weatherization and retrofitting on a county level will allow further implementation of these types of programs and will push for further equitability for those who are not economically able to provide themselves with energy-efficient, safe, and comfortable homes. Contact your local council member today and ask them to support increased funding for these programs!

Personal Action: Get Energy Audit from Dominion Energy.

Dominion's Home Energy Check-Up can help you discover how to impove the energy efficiency of your home. It is available to both renters and homeowners, with a variety of options available for the check up, from in-home consultation, video chat or telephone call.