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CHucktown Acres


Phone Number:

  • (804) 929-8244

Social Media:

  • @chucktownacres


Chucktown Acres is a local regenerative farm in McClellanville, SC.  Centered around a commitment to heal the land and provide nutrient-dense food to the Lowcountry, they provide fruits and vegetables, grass raised beef, forest raised pork, and pastured, soy-free poultry and eggs.

Previously a strawberry farm, conventional practices of overtilling, pesticides, and herbicides left the soil depleted of nutrients. Since opening in spring 2020 under the care of Head Farmer Alex Russell, the operation now sequesters more carbon dioxide than they emit. When it comes to healthy soil, short term disturbance followed by long term rest is key for growing vibrant foliage for livestock -- so by moving their animals to fresh pasture everyday, the cows and chickens invigorate and fertilize the soil. As the pasture begins to regrow, carbon is sequestered from our atmosphere by the grass and stored in the ground, making their farming method a local climate solution.

They follow a host of regenerative practices to improve both ecological health and the wellbeing of the animal and human consumer through increased nutrient density. They never uses synthetic toxic chemicals on their produce; they add to the nutrient density of their soil by incorporating compost and soil amendments. The cows have mobile shade, water, and minerals, and feed on fresh pasture daily. And if you’d like to come see their methods for yourself, they offer farm tours in the spring and fall and host strawberry self-harvests during strawberry season.

Chucktown Acres hopes to see a new generation of farmers rehabilitating farms that closed due to consistent tillage or continuous grazing operations. We hope to see their vision realized.

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