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Charleston County Council has passed the Climate Action Resolution by a 6-3 vote! You can read the text here. Recognizing the need to center equity in facing down the climate crisis (hell, just using the words "climate crisis") marks a huge step forward for Charleston County. And it "encourages the development and implementation of an equity-centered, community-based, integrated climate action plan." Let's hold 'em to that.

We want to keep up the momentum, and one way to do that is to give Council some positive feedback. Email or call your CM and thank them for voting yes, stress how important climate action is to you, and urge them to follow through on the resolution in the form of climate action ordinances! And if your CM voted no, you can politely express your disappointment and ask them to be take more leadership on climate in the future.


Yes votes:


Dickie Schweers

(843)513-9229 (C)

District 2


Robert L. Wehrman

(843)958-4030 (O)

District 3


Henry E. Darby

(843)901-6793 (C)

District 4


Teddie E. Pryor, Sr.

(843)958-4030 (O)

District 5


Kylon Jerome Middleton (brought forward the Resolution)

(843)325-4577 (C)

District 6


Anna B. Johnson


District 8


No votes:


Herbert Ravenel Sass, III

(843)766-7500 (O)

(843)693-8305 (C)

District 1


C. Brantley Moody

(843)270-2483 (C)

District 7


Jenny Costa Honeycutt


District 9


How to find which County District you're in: check this map (zooming in will be necessary).

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