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Week of 2/1/21: Sign a Petition to Advocate for Safe and Livable Housing Authority Conditions - Estimated Time Commitment: 2 minutes


Everyone deserves the right to a clean and healthy environment, but existing issues like mold and weather vulnerability are only going to worsen with the climate crisis. Many tenants of Charleston public housing are dealing with unacceptable, unsafe, and unclean living conditions. Please help us bring awareness to these issues by signing the petition by new local housing advocacy group Charles House.


 The Action​

Please follow the link below and sign this petition to raise awareness and demand change for those affected by these unlivable conditions: Link to petition.

The Benefit

This petition brings to light an issue that silently affects many members of our local community. We must raise public awareness of the issue of unsafe housing conditions so we can pressure local leaders to enact change. Too many are going to deal with long-term health issues if we don't take action and support the efforts of local groups like Charles House and Charleston BLM to address this.