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Want to join a growing movement of local activists pushing for change? 

Want to make your climate action routine, build it into a habit? 

Check in weekly for new actions. We try to keep them to an hour or less (most are quite a bit less) and to make sure they're impactful.

Week of 1/11/21: Ask Your Council About a Climate Action Resolution

Estimated time investment: 10 mins

In December, we worked with James Island Town Council to pass the Resolution on Global Climate Change and the Town’s Commitment to Mitigate and Prepare for its Consequences. It is, somehow, the first climate change resolution to pass in South Carolina. We want to see other Lowcountry municipalities take this long-overdue first step!

The Action

Email your councilmembers asking them to pass a Climate Action Resolution similar to the one James Island recently passed that 1. recognizes the threat of the climate crisis and 2. resolves to take municipal action on reducing climate impacts. Either cc us or forward us their response at so we learn their stance.

IF YOU LIVE IN THE CITY OF CHARLESTON: consider asking your councilmembers if they'll stand up to utilities and demand a clean energy portfolio, instead.

Contact info for local councils can be found here.


The Benefit

We need our local governments incorporating climate into their decisions, and we need them to take a public stance on the reality of the climate crisis. This will give us a good sense of which Lowcountry municipalities are ripe to pass a Climate Action Resolution and which will be more difficult, as well as which councilmembers will be allies in this fight. 

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