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Vulnerability to Gentrification

Residents may be pushed out of their homes and forced to relocate because of climate disasters, gentrification, rising costs/eviction/lease non-renewal, and discriminatory practices. Displacement can create a sense of dislocation and unstable housing. Gentrification is a big driver of displacement. It is can cause a change in neighborhood character, and culture, raise costs significantly, drive out established businesses, and disrupt the community and sense of belonging for the local residents. People have a right to protection from displacement, relocation, and gentrification.

Local Examples of Gentrification

Ida Taylor talks about her experience growing up in Union Heights and how children in the neighborhood today may have a different experience due to the neighborhood changing. The rapid growth of the surrounding areas threatens to displace current and long-term residents to make room for newcomers. Work has to be done to protect local residents.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 151400.png
(Brad Nettles)

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