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Barriers for Non-U.S. Citizens 

Residents who are not US citizens face significant barriers, especially to citizenship and resources in foreign languages. The steps to acquire citizenship are tedious and expensive. As a result, many people are prevented from having access to the benefits and protection of citizenship. Residents who are not fluent in English face an additional language barrier. Resources and information are often not provided in languages other than English, making them inaccessible. People have the right to easy access to employment and educational visas, opportunities for citizenship, and public information in their native language.

Local Examples of Barriers for Non U.S. Citizens 

At St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church on King Street, volunteers offer ESL classes three times per week to non-English speaking immigrants. In these classes, students share news and support for each other in the immigration process.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 144748.png
(Grace Beahm Alford) Photo from 2019.

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