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Mamasita's Cloth Diapers


Social Media:

  • @mamasitasclothdiapers

Phone Number:

  • (843) 412-0811


   Founded by Wanda and Cecilee in the spring of 2020, Mamasita’s makes cloth diapering an easy eco-friendly experience with weekly deliveries. The mother and daughter duo saw a need for the service in the Lowcountry community and have stepped up to help families, reduce landfill waste, and take climate action.

   Their operation uses minimal amounts of gas, power, and water while providing clean, sanitized cloth diapers to clients. Efficient machines reduce water usage in the cleaning process while solar panels and uv window light are used for drying and bleaching. They also offer bamboo diapers which biodegrade in 180 days - for reference it takes 500 years for conventional diapers to decompose. 

   We are happy to see Mamasita's Cloth Diapers providing this service, looking out for future generations, and standing up for climate action in the Lowcountry! 

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