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Nordic cooking

   Nordic Cooking is a local sustainable food company and Lowcountry Green Business for Climate Action that offers vegan meal boxes, cakes, cooking or baking classes, and catering. Their founder, Louise Rakers Hails from Denmark, first came to America in 2018 and was astounded by the amount of single-use plastic packaging. To prevent this unsustainable practice, Nordic Cooking delivers their weekend meal boxes with reusable glass or compostable packaging. It’s worth remembering that eating plant-based meals is one of the most impactful climate actions you can take as an individual, and Nordic Cooking does a lot to spread the practice locally. Around 85% of their clients aren’t already vegetarians -- they just enjoy the delectable food!


   Louise has centered her business around “hygge” - a Danish word meaning quality of coziness that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. Believing in food’s ability to spread comfort and community, Louise has always found hygge in the act of cooking and sharing her food. And as climate-concerned folks, we see climate-friendly practices, from their plant-based food boxes to their reusable/compostable packaging, as central to a feeling of contented well-being. We’re happy to have Nordic Cooking here in the Lowcountry sharing culinary skills, sustainable knowledge, and standing up for climate action!


Social Media:

  • @nordic_cooking

Phone Number:

  • (843) 609-3490

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