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Vulnerability to Police & Legal System Bias

Black communities often face bias in the policing and legal system. The police as an institution and individual officers have biases that affect their judgment, decisions, and behaviors. Examples of this are criminalization, racial profiling, and over-targeting of certain areas. These are not a result of anything individuals or the community has done, but a direct result of police bias. The legal system is also biased against black defendants. They are held in custody longer with cases take longer to resolve, are often charged with more serious crimes, and serve longer sentences as a result. High-quality legal representation is also not accessible or affordable, affecting low/middle-income citizens.

Local Examples of Vulnerability to Legal Bias 

One of Charleston's most recent hires is Jill Edison, who is to oversee the racial bias audit and enforce the 6 remaining recommendations. Edison wants to assess the audit and have ongoing evaluations to ensure the policies are sticking to the standards. She also expressed wanting feedback from the community on what their needs are.

(Brad Nettles) 

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