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January 19, 2022

Welcome to the second Charleston Climate Coalition newsletter of 2022! Scroll through to find info on climate-related events, action items, our upcoming meetings, and more.


Energy & Water Efficiency Workshop Tomorrow, January 20th, from 5:30-6:30pm: The Sustainability Institute is hosting a webinar to help reduce your utility bill and improve the health of your home. You’ll learn about DIY techniques and the weatherization services SI offers. Register for the online event here!

Sowing Sea Beans: From the Saltmarsh to the Dinner Table Also on Thursday, from 6:30-7:45pm: Heron Farms founder Sam Norton will give a presentation at the Holland Lifelong Learning Series. Learn all about sea beans and the importance of saltmarsh restoration. You can register to attend the event in person, at the SC Aquarium, or register to livestream the event for free. Additionally, Heron Farms is our newest member of the Lowcountry Farms for Climate Action alliance!


Support the Commission on Human Relations & Racial Conciliation The Human Relations & Racial Conciliation Commission passed 2nd reading at the last City Council meeting. The 3rd & final reading will be Jan. 25th @ 5pm! Please use your voice to speak out against injustice by signing up to speak or submitting a public comment.

Participate in the City’s Composting Pilot Program The City of Charleston is launching a 6-month pilot program that enables residents to compost their food waste for free. Beginning on January 23rd, the city will open multiple drop-off locations including Ackerman Park (West Ashley), Corrine Jones Park (Peninsula), and Medway Park (James Island). The city’s funding for this project is limited and its continuation past the 6-month mark is based on our contributions, so let’s get composting! To sign up for participation, see a list of items accepted, or attend a virtual workshop on Jan. 25th, 5:30-6:30pm, visit

Volunteer to Conduct Energy Justice Surveys We are continuing to work with LAMC surveying Lowcountry residents on their energy burdens and need for weatherization. Supporting the efforts of the SC Energy Justice Coalition, the survey data will inform policies and programs aimed to further community resiliency, safety, health, and energy. If you want to come out and help, reach out to us at

Intern With Us! We are seeking interns to assist in our efforts this upcoming spring semester! If you’re a student, check out the opportunities available on our website; with six different positions, one is sure to call to you. Application information here.


Interested in getting more involved with CCC’s work? Join us in an upcoming meeting on Thursdays at 7:00pm. Here's a rundown of this month's itinerary:

Art & Media: 1/20 @ 7pm — Zoom Link This meeting will be centered around Surge: The Lowcountry Climate Magazine — updating everyone on the first issue and planning for issue 2.

Climate Action Plan Campaign: 1/27 @ 7pm — Zoom Link Join us in developing our 2022 strategy for passing Climate Action Plans at every local level in the Lowcountry.

Climate Alliances: 2/3 @ 7pm — Zoom Link We’ll be reviewing what we accomplished in 2021, discussing our goals for 2022, and brainstorming ways to advance our partnerships.

Event Planning: 2/10 @ 7pm — Zoom Link During this meeting, we’ll give updates on our Sustainable Fashion Show and other events for the year.


Surge Issue 1 Release Date! We’re excited to announce that Surge: the Lowcountry Climate Magazine Issue 1 is set to be released on February 11! With each issue of Surge, we aim to be both spark and tinder — getting new folks involved in the climate fight through compelling features and informative articles, and galvanizing our base with stories and art from the climate frontlines. We can’t wait to share the first issue with y’all.

Planet + Purpose Solutions Earns ‘B Corp’ Status Congratulations to Planet + Purpose Solutions on becoming a certified B Corporation! We’re proud to have them as a member of our Lowcountry Green Businesses for Climate Action alliance.

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