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March 30, 2022

In the seventh edition of our bi-weekly newsletter, we’re sharing climate-related events, action items, and impactful news.


Lowcountry Citizen’s Summit - 4/8 Friday April 8th from 12-3pm is the annual Lowcountry Citizen’s Summit. The goal of this event is to bridge the gap between the College of Charleston campus and the broader Charleston community by engaging students and local community members in timely, meaningful conversations regarding the building and maintaining of a productive, equitable Lowcountry community. The event will feature a panel discussion on sustainability problems and solutions, a poster session featuring the research of Honors Engaged peer mentors, and student-led breakout group discussions tied to critical issues and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Hosted by the College of Charleston’s Honors College and co-sponsored by the Center for Sustainable Development, the event has both virtual and in-person participation ​options; click here to register.

Sierra Club: Understanding Heat Risk in Charleston - 4/7 Since 2020, the Charleston Medical District, Climate Adaptation Partners, and the Carolinas Integrated Sciences Assessment team, along with many local partners, collaborated on an integrated heat research program, a growing focus across the southeast. This event will share the research results from a pilot program of biometric monitoring of outdoor workers and wet bulb globe temperature sampling in the Charleston Medical District and the Citadel, and citywide sampling of heat data from the NOAA-funded National Integrated Heat Health Information System.

Save the date: Tour de Earth Day 2022 on 4/23 Stay tuned for more info on our second annual bike ride ecotour through downtown Charleston!

In the Moment with Ohm Radio & AMOR Healing Kitchen- a Celebration of Women in the Media, Culinary and Art World - 4/30 Ohm Radio and Amor Healing Kitchen were both founded by two Charleston women who saw a need in their community and created a nonprofit to fill the void. These two hyperlocal nonprofits are coming together for an evening to celebrate community, food, local music and local art to inspire action, raise awareness and raise funds for their organizations. Amor is one of our Lowcountry Green Businesses for Climate Action so lets help support them by enjoying a three course, plant-based dinner and entertainment.


Support the Offshore Wind Industry Bill Your help is needed to push the Offshore Wind Industry Bill (H.4831) across the finish line! The Bill directs the Department of Commerce to begin mapping out the best ways SC can attract new investment, and scale-up SC’s existing Offshore Wind Industry. Specifically, this plan will cover how SC can grow every part of the wind supply chain (e.g. manufacturers of turbines, blades, cables, etc). To be clear, this legislation won’t put wind turbines off our coast, it would help grow SC’s clean energy economy through new investment and create high-quality jobs in the clean energy industry. Embracing the opportunities in the offshore wind energy industry helps open doors to more wind energy opportunities in the future. Urge your Senator to support the Offshore Wind Industry Bill!

SC Adopt-a-Stream Tidal Saltwater Monitoring Workshop - 3/31 & 4/1 Become a SC Adopt-a-Stream volunteer by participating in a two day workshop tomorrow and Friday! This statewide volunteer water quality monitoring program allows volunteers to monitor tidal saltwater waterways while sharing information about local water resources with their communities. Attendees will learn how to collect water samples and test six basic core parameters: dissolved oxygen, air temperature, water temperature, pH, salinity, and transparency.


Fairness TV Video Series The Center for Climate Integrity launched a five part video series on the impacts and costs of the climate crisis and how we can hold Big Oil accountable for creating this catastrophe. You can watch the short video series here! Our communities are paying the price for the oil industry’s climate pollution and deception. Corporate polluters who knowingly caused the climate crisis lied to protect their profits and delay action. We must hold Big Oil accountable so they pay their fair share of the damage their products caused.

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