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Access to Upward Mobility & Life Enriching Experiences

Advancement opportunities and resources allow people to have social mobility. Upward mobility is not possible without access to education, strong community support, a lack of barriers, and access to opportunities. Systemic discrimination limits access to upward mobility. Life-enrichment opportunities like travel, and leisure activities, can decrease stress, and increase quality of life. Many people cannot afford the time and money required to take advantage of life enrichment opportunities, creating unequal access. People have a right to easy access to opportunities for upward mobility and high-quality life-enrichment experiences.

Local Examples of Upward Mobility 

An example of this is seen right here in Charleston. In spring of 2022, Charleston was number 2 on the list of most expensive destinations for accommodation, right behind Hawaii. The average rate for accommodation a night was $374. Charleston had the biggest increase, almost double, in rates since last year.


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