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Exposure to Violence & Crime

Exposure to conflicts and violence can lead to stress and trauma, effecting quality of life. Violence can occur within the home, in the form of domestic violence, or within the community, in schools, or through other institutions. Exposure to violence contributes to poor physical and mental health, and can lead to early mortality or wrongful death. It may also contribute to job loss, housing instability, and poverty. And it can negatively impact academic success and educational opportunity. Other social stressors that contribute to these effects include economic strain and environmental risks. People have a right to protection from chronic exposure to conflict, violence, and other social stressors.

Local Examples of Exposure to Violence and Stressors 

North Charleston Chief Reginald Burgess addressed North Charleston Community at a town hall about the increase in gun violence within the community. Local pastor Thomas Dixon proposed several ways to combat the rise in gun violence at the event including improvements in education and prison systems and gun control laws.

(David McIntyre) 

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