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Vital Mission Farm

   Following nature as a design model, Vital Mission Farm is a regenerative farm and bustling ecosystem on Wadmalaw Island, SC. Jeff Siewicki, founder and environmentalist, set out to pioneer a more sustainable way of raising livestock locally -- pasture grasses provide space for animals to graze while fruit and nut trees add necessary food and habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators. The interconnection of the plants, livestock, and animals create a balanced, highly productive ecosystem. This efficient design allows for less land use without using fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. It also has clear climate benefits in CO2 reduction.

   Silvopasture, the integration of trees into farmland, is listed as one of the Top 20 solutions to climate change by Project Drawdown. The practice provides maximum carbon sequestering potential, not to mention quality poultry, produce, and nuts. 

    The titular “vital mission” is to be part of the climate solution and grow food that is nutritious for animals, people, land and the environment. Jeff employs multiple climate friendly practices while seeking to achieve a net negative environmental impact, such as minimizing and reusing waste streams, using renewable energy sources (solar power), rotational grazing, and perennial crops. 


Phone Number:

  • (843) 405-7227

Social Media:

  • @vitalmissionfarm

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