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Want to join a growing movement of local activists pushing for change? 

Want to make your climate action routine, build it into a habit? 

Check in weekly for new actions. We try to keep them to an hour or less (most are quite a bit less) and to make sure they're impactful.


Week of 3/16/21: Thank (or gently admonish) your County Council member

 Estimated Time Commitment: 5 minutes


In case y'all missed the good news, Charleston County Council passed their Climate Action Resolution 6-3 last Tuesday! You can read the text here. It's much lighter on commitments than we would prefer, but the language recognizing the threat of the climate crisis (hell, just using the words "climate crisis") marks a huge step forward for Charleston County.

The Action

We want to keep up the momentum, and one way to do that is to give Council some positive feedback. Email or call your CM and thank them for voting yes, stress how important climate action is to you, and urge them to follow through on the resolution in the form of climate action ordinances! CM Middleton deserves special praise for bringing the resolution forward and defending it. And if your CM voted no, simply express your disappointment and ask them to be more protective of the Lowcountry in the future.


Yes votes:


Dickie Schweers

(843)513-9229 (C)

District 2


Robert L. Wehrman

(843)958-4030 (O)

District 3


Henry E. Darby

(843)901-6793 (C)

District 4


Teddie E. Pryor, Sr.

(843)958-4030 (O)

District 5


Kylon Jerome Middleton

(843)325-4577 (C)

District 6


Anna B. Johnson


District 8


No votes:


Herbert Ravenel Sass, III

(843)766-7500 (O)

(843)693-8305 (C)

District 1


C. Brantley Moody

(843)270-2483 (C)

District 7


Jenny Costa Honeycutt


District 9


How to find which County District you're in: check this map (zooming in will be necessary).

The Benefit

The passing of this resolution was a huge step forward for climate progress in Charleston, but the work doesn’t stop there. By reaching out to our council members, we’re all doing our part to make sure the continued mission of climate action in Charleston is a welcomed possibility in the future.

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