Welcome to the Charleston Climate Coalition

Our Mission

We’re not going to turn around the climate crisis without a lot of hustle.


Supercharged hurricanes, flooding, rising seas — that’s not the future we want for ourselves or our children.


We at the Charleston Climate Coalition invite you to work with us on making Charleston the climate action leader of the Southeast. That means revamping our buildings, transportation, food and energy systems over the next ten years to sequester heat-trapping gases, not keep producing them. That means supporting politicians who lead on climate, instead of standing by as our best chance at a livable world slips away. That means centering environmental justice in our solutions, amplifying the voices of our most under-resourced communities, and ensuring that we’re building towards a just and equitable future.

No matter who you are, you have a role to play in this fight. We'd like to help you find it. 



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