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We at the Charleston Climate Coalition invite you to work with us on making Charleston the climate action leader of the Southeast. That means revamping our buildings, transportation, food and energy systems over the next ten years to sequester heat-trapping gases, not keep producing them. That means supporting politicians who lead on climate, instead of standing by as our best chance of a livable world slips away. That means centering environmental justice in our solutions, amplifying the voices of our most under-resourced communities, and ensuring that we're building towards a just and equitable future.


Our biggest lift yet involves the synchronization of our climate alliances  around something we call the Charleston 2030 project. Our 2030 Project has high hopes to solve a big issue that requires the collaboration between a variety of Lowcountry public and private partners to power an accessible, sustainable, resilient and equitable eco-futurist vision and implementation plan.

Work in Progress

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Please bear with us as our site is currently under construction. We are working to provide you with the most up to date and resourceful information. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us, thank you!


Mitigating climate change isn't easy, and it takes more than one. Charleston is host to a large network of organizations working hard to protect what matters most. 


To keep up with the latest climate policy information and ways that you can get involved, follow our social media @charlestonclimatecoalition. You can also contact us to subscribe to weekly email updates from


We are a 501©3 Nonprofit, which means we receive no funding, and our operations survive off the kindness of members like you. 

Everyone who works hard for the Charleston Climate Coalition works hard elsewhere too, earning their income outside of the nonprofit. The CC Alliance's purpose is to serve the Lowcountry community, therefore all donations are put back into that community and into protecting you. 

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