Through our working circles, we're currently tackling four main areas of local climate action: Art & Media, Event Planning, Climate Alliances, and our Climate Action Plan Campaign.

Art & Media

Storytelling, art projects, and social media.

Expanding the movement through art and stories; informing our base of opportunities to get involved; encouraging civil, non-violent engagement; educating on and making more salient the climate crisis; deepening our integration of environmental justice issues; infusing joy in our work in the face of stressful realities; demonstrating alternate futures.

Currently working on a quarterly Lowcountry climate magazine project!

Event Planning

Planning and executing events, such as marches, rallies, seminars, workshops, etc.

Recruiting more activists; spreading our message more widely; engaging and strengthening our community of activists; learning and listening from Lowcountry residents; moving towards a political goal; practicing mutual aid and frontline environmental justice work; making activism fun!

Currently planning October and November programming.

Climate Alliances

Create and sustain local climate partnerships

Growing networks of climate-concerned businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals around climate action; spreading climate-friendly practices; increasing the size and power of our climate community.

Currently working with four groups, Lowcountry Farms, Restaurants, Green Businesses, and Coffee Shops for Climate Action, with more on the way!

Climate Action Campaign


Our umbrella project that spawns the rest of our activities, initiatives, and connections, all in an effort to define a holistic and resilient plan to protect and preserve in the Lowcountry.