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About Charleston Climate Coalition

Charleston Climate Coalition (CCC) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit grassroots group of Lowcountry citizens working creatively and compassionately to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.

Our Mission:

CCC works on many fronts to expand awareness and inspire citizens and elected officials to address the roots causes of climate change. As a coalition, we work at a nexus of many other organizations helping to push for action and create the connective tissues so that organizations can successfully enact change. We see the Lowcountry's geographic susceptibility to the crisis as both a unique challenge and an opportunity to become climate action leaders in the Southeast. We strive to keep social and environmental justice for our most vulnerable communities at the core of our mission.

Our Work:

Art & Story Telling

If all it took to build a movement were to tell people how bad things are, we’d have solved the climate crisis decades ago. So, we’re building community and inspiration through sophisticated media. We publish a quarterly magazine, Surge, that shares local climate storytelling through Charleston City Paper. Check out all of our latest issues of Surge.

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Events & Celebrations

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Along with our monthly meetings - to educate and organize our members - we also hold creative events like our Tour de Earth Day bike ride ecotour to connect people with our partners and their work. Our events are educational and often celebrate the amazing work that is being done throughout the Lowcountry to address the climate crisis.

Political Action

So much effective climate action is local. We’ve passed climate action resolutions in James Island and Charleston County, helped develop, fund, and staff the Charleston Climate Action Plan, and are seeding Environmental Advisory Committees across the Lowcountry. We’re dedicated to cultivating local climate action at every level. Right now, we’re pushing for more CAP funding in Charleston’s next budget cycle and getting involved with the Charleston County CAP – that way, we can ensure the Lowcountry becomes a leader in the Southeast on climate action.

Environmental Justice Profile

Our Environmental Justice Profile (EJP) project will allow us to work in partnership with frontline communities and organizations to explain, explore, and quantify the EJ harms to which they are exposed and to raise broad awareness about these harms so that together we can advocate for the infrastructure and resources needed to mitigate them.

And More...

The climate crisis demands a comprehensive approach. We’re also incubating several other projects, such as:

  • Lowcountry Green Business Alliance to support and promote climate-friendly business practices.

  • Educational presentations for local schools and camps on climate action

  • Racial justice work with partners like the People’s Budget Coalition

  • Surge Radio Program

  • Internship programs with the College of Charleston


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