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About Charleston Climate Coalition

Charleston Climate Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit that creates alliances between community, private, and public organizations to tackle the global climate crisis by starting at home, in the Lowcountry.


Our Mission

It's no secret that the Lowcountry is especially susceptible to the climate crisis -- we see this as a call to action for the region to become a climate action leader for the Southeast. Our work is to ignite a mass movement and usher the Lowcountry towards climate liberation.

Our Purpose

We at the Charleston Climate Coalition invite you to work with us on making Charleston the climate action leader of the Southeast. That means reassessing public policy, improving our infrastructure, and incorporating environmental justice into decision-making. We work to provide the community with opportunities for activism and support the voices of local disenfranchised communities to work towards a just and equitable future. 

As a 501©3  organization, we rely completely on the kindness of our community for support. To help power the fight, please consider giving today.

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