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Enlightened Soil Corp

   Enlightened Soil Corp is an Impact Innovation company leading the way in improving soil and plant health. They produce an all-natural soil amendment concentrate made from algae. The product is an excellent alternative to synthetic chemical fertilizers. In fact, the pure culture of Chlorella vulgaris is materially less expensive than synthetic-chemical NPK fertilizers. Synthetic-chemical fertilizers bypass natural microbial processes; while stimulating plant growth, they do nothing for soil health. Since the “Green Revolution” in the 1960s, commercial agriculture has diminished soil fertility, leading to decreases in bacterial and fungal life, and contributes to erosion. It is a cycle dependent on synthetic NPK fertilizers and tilling. Have we mentioned that the industrial manufacturing of synthetic NPK creates significant emissions as well? The continual release of greenhouse gas intensifies the current climate crisis - according to the EPA in 2018, 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the agriculture industry.

    Understanding that land and water are economically valuable resources that require significant investment, Enlightened Soil Corp’s bio-stimulant works to increase the soil’s ability to retain water and organic matter. Their work is revitalizing the Lowcountry land as well as protecting our coasts, rivers, and lakes from nutrient runoff and harmful algae blooms.

    By using their affordable fertilizer solution, farms are contributing to reductions in both carbon emissions and chemicals while supporting a company that pledges 5% of their profits to organizations combating rural hunger and strives to be carbon-neutral.

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Phone Number:

  • (843) 867-3411

Social Media:

  • @enlightenedsoilcorp

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