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fisher recycling


Social Media:

  • @fisherrecycling

Phone Number:

  • (843) 554-6099


   Founded by Chris Fisher in 1992, the company’s mission statement is to educate and serve the community’s business recycling needs. They complete the local recycling loop by processing collected glass and reusing it to create new products for homes and businesses, with sister company, Glass Eco Surfaces, offering custom countertops and loose glass aggregate. 


   Focused predominantly on glass, they recycled 275 tons of glass in the first five months of 2021 -- and for every ton of glass that’s recycled, that’s over a ton of natural resources saved. Glass, unlike most other materials, can be recycled infinitely, as the material maintains its quality throughout the reuse process. Making recycled glass products consumes 40% less energy than creating new glass from raw materials, thus reducing GHG emissions. 


   In addition to glass, Fisher Recycling collects aluminium, plastic, glass, tin, office paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, and e-scrap for processing at their warehouse in North Charleston’s Old Navy Base. If you want to send your glass to them, they have a public glass recycling drop site at Firefly distillery and have pop-up glass recycling at various events. 


   We’re thankful to have Fisher Recycling in our community diverting waste from landfills and standing up for climate action! 

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