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Climate Action Hub: Nature


Action Item: Volunteer with Charleston Waterkeeper on oyster restoration and planting marsh grass

Charleston Waterkeeper.png

Charleston Waterkeeper works to stop water pollution, conserve and clean up waterways, and hold polluters accountable to make sure all waterways are swimmable and fishable. You can participate in oyster reef-building, marsh cleanups and more!

Action Item: Support Friends of Gadsden Creek’s campaign to save Gadsden Creek

Friends of Gadsden Creek is a grassroots organization fighting to save the historically African American community of Gadsden Green from development by WestEdge. The development would destroy Gadsden Creek and surrounding wetlands, threatening biodiversity and the communities that are present there. Fight to save and restore this vital community today!

Friends of Gadsden Creek.png

Personal Action: Rewild your Lawn and Surrounding Green-Space!


You can help biodiversity in your area today by revitalizing your lawn or garden using native plants and flowers. This can help provide habitat and protection for countless native species that are struggling to survive in urban areas. Lawn monocultures use a tremendous amount of freshwater and pesticides to maintain and are harmful to both the natural and human world. Take steps today to start rewilding your area.

Policies to Support and Look out for:

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