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SC Backyard farms and lands

   Working to incorporate permaculture principles into every landscape, SC Backyard Farms and Lands owner William Schooler specializes in regenerative, organic gardening integrated holistically into yards. Every garden woven into the backyard landscape produces edible and medicinal plants as well as being pollinator friendly. 

   SC Backyard Farms and Lands also focus on carbon sequestration in their practices, incorporating cover crops, hugelkultur, deep mulch, and water retention, aiming to keep all water that lands on the property within the property to help avoid runoff pollution. This year, they’re switching away from sparing use of mass produced organic fertilizers to climate ally Enlightened Soil Corp's algae fertilizer to further reduce their carbon footprint.

    Our lawns don’t have to be row after row of shorn monoculture grass -- landscaping with native plants, edibles, and herbs is the more climate-friendly, insect-friendly, and resilience-friendly way to go. We are grateful to have SC Backyard Farms supplying that service locally, and delighted to have them on-board as a Green Business for Climate Action.

Social Media:

  • Facebook: @SCbackyardfarmsandlandscape

  • Instagram: @scbackyard_farms

Phone Number:

  • (803) 917-4343

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