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Climate Action Hub: Transportation

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Action Item: Support Charleston Moves

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Multimodal transportation advocacy group Charleston Moves is always fighting for more walk and bike access in the Lowcountry. To help reduce our VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled), go to their action page and take a simple step of putting in a public comment to support cleaner air and water, climate change mitigation, improved public health, and reduced traffic congestion. 

Action Item: Support Second Chance Bikes

Providing a variety of services from bicycle repairs and recycling, bicycle thrift shops, and even the "Free Bikes for Kids" program, Second Chance Bikes helps to collect, repair and distribute these bikes to people who need access to affordable and reliable transportation, facilitating employment opportunities, physical and mental health care, and recreation. Drop off your bikes or volunteer today!

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Action Item: Support Lowcountry Rapid Transit


Lowcountry Rapid Transit (LCRT) will provide a transit alternative that would improve mobility and deliver fast, comfortable and cost-effective service. This system will operate primarily in dedicated lanes, keeping cars and the transit system separate allowing travel times to be consistent and reliable. In addition, vehicles will be powered by alternative fuels or electricity, helping to promote sustainability.

Action Item: Support Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit

BFLT works to enhance accessible transit in the Lowcountry and has helped to push local transit agencies to expand their routes to communities that are in most need. This increases equitability and will allow for many to increase their economic, social, and cultural horizons beyond their immediate area. 


Personal Action: Can you use your car less?

Do you have the ability to take public transit, walk or bike to work, school, or any other frequently visited locations? This will help to cut down on your personal carbon footprint and walking and biking are great for your health! 

Policies to Support and Look out for:

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