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Climate Action Hub: Waste


Action Item: Glass Recycling Offered Through Fisher Recycling

Fisher Recycling.jpg

Did you know that Fisher is the only waste hauler that recycles glass for Charleston, Berkley, and Dorchester County? Most other glass ends up in landfills, and considering 23% of commercial waste is glass this is a major problem. Local businesses interested in partnering with Fisher can help to make a difference by partnering with them and supporting community efforts to expand recycling.

Action Item: Composting in Charleston

All Charleston residents can now drop off compost at specific drop sites for FREE! Visit the website and click the "Sign up to Compost" button to learn about composting and to receive the code to the compost drop-off location nearest to you. Composting is an important part of combating climate change, rebuilding soil, and protecting plants and animals.

Charleston Recycling.PNG

Personal Action: Reusable Grocery Bages

What if you used reusable grocery bags instead of plastic ones? These are more durable, look more visually appealing, and can be reused every single times. Some places have even started charging for plastic bags in an effort to reduce plastic bag usage, soso get ahead of the game!

Policies to Support and Look out for:

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