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Environmental Justice Profile

Since 2019, Charleston Climate Coalition has conducted face to face interviews with residents in Charleston’s frontline communities. These interviews revealed a high level of exposure to a range of environmental justice and related harms.

This was the motivation for developing the Environmental Justice Profile (EJP), a scientifically-informed assessment and educational tool with which local communities can raise awareness about and assess their vulnerability and exposure to a host of environmental justice and related harms. These are harms that people have a right to be protected from and do not deserve to experience.

We do this work in partnership with other organizations to explain, explore, and quantify the harms to which these communities are exposed and/or vulnerable, and to raise broad awareness about these harms, so that we can work together to co-imagine an equitable path forward to building resilience in the Lowcountry.

Legal/Political Harms

Cultural Harms

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